Voices That Changed Our Thinking

Good Trouble

What exactly does it mean to get in good trouble? Does it mean to be intentional about how you help your fellow man? Does it mean to be purposeful about the decisions one makes? Does it mean to speak up when speaking up is considered unpopular? Does it mean to go to the poles and to cast a ballot despite the naysayers? Exactly what did Congressman Lewis mean by good trouble? He sure did get in a lot of it. 

He was arrested at least 45 times that are on record. He was arrested for resisting the peace, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. His arrest for a sit-in at a Woolworth's counter caused him quite a hit; however, his actions led to others joining the movement of getting in good trouble.

Congressman Lewis remained faithful to the movement until his passing. He did not allow anything or anyone to deter him from serving his purpose. He was a trailblazer, an icon, a civil rights genius who was a people's champion.

In honor of his work, we must not get weary in continuing his efforts. We must not grow weary in speaking up for the less fortunate. We must not grow weary in going through the process of using our voices to make a difference for everyone who resides on Earth. We too must get in good trouble. We too must continue to vote. We too must keep moving until justice resides not just in the hearts of men but in the actions of men. Let's get in good trouble. Let's use our voices . Let us continue to VOTE!!!


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