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Blog#8 Book Void

I'm searching on the shelves, but it's not there. I'm flipping through the pages, but it's not there. I have turned one page too many, and I still can't find it. It's book void! 

The books have neglected to tell my story... so, I guess I am going to have to tell it myself. I'm going to fill the void-that vast emptiness -with my truth, my experience, my life, my story. I'm going to pour all that's left in me onto as many thin sheets of pulp as it takes to tell the story that has never been written, the one that has never been told, the one that has only been lived. 

Someone is waiting for me to tell my story, and someone is waiting on you to tell yours. Your story, my story -could definitely be their story. Let's write and tell our stories to eradicate the book void.

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