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Blog #6 Progress over Perfection

As we bring closure to the end of the life changing 2020-2021 academic school year, we must measure our efforts according to progress and not perfection. 

Teacher Leaders, Teachers, students, and parents have spent a substantial amount of time compensating for the lacks afford to most via the Covid-19 Pandemic. Lacks meaning... lack of understanding of how to engage and encourage students via the hybrid/ concurrent teaching model, lack of time to learn how to improvise, the lack of essentials for addressing both the cognitive, and social emotional needs of students while trying to stay safe, as well as the lack of understanding of how to move students from fear to comfort...

 Perfection, according to Webster's dictionary, is a condition , state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws. Progress on the other hand, means forward or onward movement toward a destination. The destination that we have all been trying to reach concerning school is that of student emotional safety and academic achievement. 

While some believe schools have done a poor job of accomplishing this, others deem schools worthy of a pat on the back. I say it's all in how you view the efforts. We have to measure according to progress and not perfection.

 We must look back and pause to reflect on the efforts made by those in charge as well as those who were supported the efforts of those who participated in teaching and learning. We do that by pondering out loud with questions such as...

 Did the students show up consistently? Were the students provided an ample amount of opportunities to question, to predict, to refine, to own, to express in various ways, to connect, to make meaning of all that was presented to them throughout the year? Were they passive or engaged? Did they move forward in their thinking despite the circumstance ? Were the basics presented along with the how to go beyond the basics? In other words, how did student thinking change over time? How did teacher's and teacher leaders' thinking change over time? Did we adjust our methods to meet the needs of all learners? Did we even take the time to analyze our efforts in terms of were or methods working or not working and why? Those are a only a fraction of the questions that we must ask as we gage what took place in our most fragile learning environments in order to measure our efforts by progress and not perfection

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