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Blog #4 Reader of All Things

I am a reader of all things. Let me tell why... It’s not enough just to read the easy accessible text.I must go the extra mile to build my capacity to read what is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, for in that place of discomfort and unfamiliarity, I will grow. I will grow in my ability to read and to comprehend another’s ideas, dispositions, and beliefs as well as another’s creativity and uniqueness. I will learn how to listen and to consider someone else’s ideology prior to communicating my own. This is a great practice learned through reading that can be transferred to one’s verbal communication. Reading isn’t just a passive act; it’s an intentional active way of thinking and actively responding that leads to more knowledge, more empathy, and more best practices. Because variety leads to more in the cognitive realm of the brain, there is no way I can be limited in my reading choices. Therefore, I read all things, and I’m encouraging you too!

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