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Blog #4 Reader of All Things

I am a reader of all things. Let me tell you why. It’s not enough just to read the easy accessible text. I must go the extra mile to build my capacity to read what is both unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

   It is in that place of discomfort and unfamiliarity that I will grow. I will grow in my ability to read and to comprehend another’s ideas, dispositions, and beliefs as well as take note of another’s creativity and uniqueness. 

Speak Up... We Deserve To BE HEARD is an example of literature that will enlighten as well as disrupt. It my cause discomfort for some and disequilibrium for others. It is bound to disrupt the passivity of merely word calling and shift the thinking to intentionality. It will elicit high levels of engagement and reflection from the reader. Each author has crafted their truth an experience in a unique way that will cause the reader to grow.


Readers must be willing to be disturbed

Growing as a reader entails being willing to listen to facts that may be contrary to what the reader believes. The reader must be willing to check his thinking, attitudes, biases, and preconceptions in order to receive as well as make meaning of the author's message and to walk away different for the greater good.


 Being a Reader of All Things requires a paradigm shift for most and intentionality for all.

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