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Blog #1 What If?

What if writers stopped penning? What if they decided to keep all those ideas inside? What if the world was rid of books, magazines, pamphlets, blogs, and even newspapers. What if, writing just went completely away?

The world would find itself in utter chaos. It would be totally catastrophic to have a world without the written word for the spoken man.

Dave Hollis is a perfect example of what men in particular might not know about self-deception if he had not decided to pen his thoughts and experiences to paper.

What if Dave had listened to the voice whisperer that said... don't be like your wife (Rachel Hollis) who shares her life struggles with the world? Dave was confronted with self sabotaging thoughts that tried to discourage him from sharing with his audience his life challenges.

Hollister, a brilliant writer to say the least, decided that he would allow us to have a window into his life. He decided that instead of keeping to himself what he learned from the outside in that he would share it.

In his book, "Get Out of your Own Way," he candidly shares how he listened to the voice of untruths that would often whisper self sabotage. Some of the behaviors that he was very transparent about were... listening to others with the intent to respond as opposed to understanding, intentionally not accepting help from others, and being insecure when rearing his children.

I deem Dave a people's champ because he took to pen and paper the life changes he struggled to make. He did this with a selfless intent because he wanted to empower someone else to be better.


I encourage you to be like Dave and to advocate for the wellness of others. Share your life lessons via pen and paper. With that being said, let's keep writing, let's keep sharing, let's keep putting on paper the language that exist in the mind, and let's obsessively use the power of the pen to express what is deeply hidden within. 

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